We meet the 4th Saturday of the month at 12 noon. Due to the Holiday we meet the second Saturday of December. We will post if a meeting is cancelled. Contact the guild for directions.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

January Meet-Up

Business:  Cheryl has stepped down from being out VP.  She will take over the treasurer spot when Jennie leaves and that seems to be immediate.  We voted and Laurie will be our standing VP and we all wish her well.  (Pattie said she would help should Laurie not be able to do all the duties).  Great teamwork. That is exactly what we need.  Next demo will be with Julie.  We are going to make things for "into the forest".  Come prepared for fun and if you have never seen a leaf cane; pretty certain that will be one of the things that will be shown! All things you might see on the forest floor are acceptable!

Thoughts thrown out there:  We need more individuals to participate.  Those in charge need to know what you want to learn and where you are trying to get to, with your skills.  A list was passed in case someone had a desire that they learn something, but keep this in mind.  Don't be still; let everyone know if there is something you want to know how to do.  There could be one of us that knows how to do that very thing!  Relax and open up with each other.  We are a GROUP.  Also, in case it hasn't been said before; we realize that there are some that already know or have no interest in the on going demo.  There is not an issue with you coming and working on your own projects.  Remember this.  Our demo presenters will try not to be sensitive should you go your own way!  :)  There is always a rebel amongst us!  We try to realize some are more or less advanced in their process than others, and we all try to fit together and enjoy.

We had a great group show up for the meeting to learn Viking Knit.  Jennie was so kind to take the time and effort to show us all how to begin and end the projects.  She provided everything needed to get started as well.  Everyone had their dowels and wire and were working those wires and making great progress.  Cheryl was 2nd in command of helping out and she was keeping us all on track.  It was a fantastic demo.  Thanks Jennie for being so good to us.

Attendees:  Jennie, Laurie, Pattie, Christine, Maggie, Vicky, Cheryl, Michele, Marsha, Sally, Kathleen, Nancy and Kathy.  Welcome to the new group members!  So glad to have all show and participate!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January Meeting

Materials for Viking Knit Demo for January 28, 2017

Please bring the following if you have it available:

Needle nose pliers
20 GA wire
24 GA wire
Old Credit Card or gift card
Painters tape
End Caps (these could be bullet caps or cones. Whichever you have available)

I will have some available but it will help if you bring your own tools.

I will provide all wire for you to complete a bracelet.

The following will be available for sale:

24 Ga Wire
20 Ga Wire
Dowel Set
Draw Plate

Some findings. Whatever I have available.

See you all then. Jenny

P.S.  This is a finishing technique for your Polymer clay art / jewelry.  We will not be doing any Polymer clay so u will not need your basic clay kit.   Cheryl

Saturday, December 17, 2016

December Meet-up 2016

Party!  There was a great turn out for the party and great fun forming ornaments.  Julie Eakes provided glass ornaments and cut pieces from some of her canes to use.  Many had made ornaments previous to the meet up and were showing off their goods.  There was tremendous skill and art shown.  Unfortunately I have managed to lose the pics and cannot share!  Breaks my heart!  Jennie took time to show a couple techniques to some of the girls during the meet up.  Jennie claims to be a beginner however she is quite skilled and if you missed her quick demo; please get with her and request a review. There were several give a way items and names were drawn and those lucky individuals went home with fab goodies!  Everyone had a good time that got to attend.  Food was prevalent and varied and everyone found something they liked.  Great job everyone!

Business:  January Jennie will be showing us all how to do Viking knit with wire.  She will provide what we need for this experience.  She did mention that if you have old credit cards, pliers, cutters, and 24 gauge wire this could be useful however she has pledged to see that we have what we need to learn this technique.  Two new members this month, Brian Woolweber and Michelle Efird.  Welcome and we are pleased you will be joining and participating.  February will be a meeting to make things for "The Forest".  Julie has taken this time and will demo what she has completed and how to go about making similar leaves I believe.  She says they need LOTS of leaves for this project. 

Attendees:  Robin, Julie, Pattie, Maggie, Cheryl-Ashville & Cheryl-Charlotte, Jennie, Christine, Lynn, Brian, Diane, Michelle, Laurie, Michelle, Brian and Nancy

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Just a quick reminder, there is no November meet up as it comes on Thanksgiving weekend.  We will be holding the Dec meeting on Dec 10th beginning at noon.  The plan is to come prepared to make ornaments, we should all bring treats/foods to share, as it is a holiday mood and we all love to participate in the party atmosphere.  See you there.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 2016 Meeting

Hi Y'all, This Saturday is the 4th Saturday on October. Yeah. The QCC meeting will have a bring what you want to work on theme if I'm not mistaken. Hope to see you all there. I'm feeling like making something kinda Halloweenish myself;)) Maggie

Sunday, October 9, 2016

September Meet-Up

Business:  Items that you are donating to go towards funds for Queen City Clayers should be brought to Cheryl or Jennie at the October meeting.  Jennie has a table for selling purposes in November and has offered to display and try to sell these items.  She also has room for any thing you might want to try to sell.  Get with Jennie on the specifics.  October month is a time to bring whatever you might want to work on during the meet up.
November there will be NO MEETING. 
December is a party atmosphere and a list of what food items you might be bringing is a good idea for the October meeting, so there aren't duplicates.  This meeting will be a free time for visiting and at times we try to make ornaments as well.  Anyone who has participated in the challenge should show your pieces at this meeting.  Come prepared.

Fairies II was demonstrated by Maggie Westall.  There were some lovely fairies on display and in the works.  Great fun and thanks to Maggie for sharing with us all her knowledge.  Have you ever seen a fairy you didn't like!!! 

Attendees:  Maggie, Julie, Katie, Laurie, Marsha, Jennie, Cheryl, Annie and Nancy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September meeting 2016 Featherhead fairies part 2

Hi Y'all, Our meeting is this Saturday. Can't believe it's already here. Hope you are ready for Part 2 of the Featherhead fairies. Bring show and tell and your naked fairies. Also if you have any of the following you want to bring: Fabri-tac glue, super glue, glitter, round nose pliers, scissors, ribbon or cloth strips to make dresses. I will have an assortment of feathers and dress making stuff and other stuff to share so don't stress. And if you have any old silk flowers laying around Nancy is going to show us her petal dressed fairies. Hope to see y'all there, Maggie