We meet the 4th Saturday of the month at 12 noon. Due to the Holiday we meet the second Saturday of December. We will post if a meeting is cancelled. Contact the guild for directions.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September meeting 2016 Featherhead fairies part 2

Hi Y'all, Our meeting is this Saturday. Can't believe it's already here. Hope you are ready for Part 2 of the Featherhead fairies. Bring show and tell and your naked fairies. Also if you have any of the following you want to bring: Fabri-tac glue, super glue, glitter, round nose pliers, scissors, ribbon or cloth strips to make dresses. I will have an assortment of feathers and dress making stuff and other stuff to share so don't stress. And if you have any old silk flowers laying around Nancy is going to show us her petal dressed fairies. Hope to see y'all there, Maggie

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Meet-up

Business:  We will meet on the 4th Saturday next month as usual rather than earlier as previously discussed/planned.  September meeting is scheduled for Fairy 2.  Maggie will provide her knowledge for us to finish, dress, groom our fairies.  October meeting will be a "free" to do whatever you are wanting to do with the group.  No demo is planned for this meeting.  No November meeting as it competes with Thanksgiving and plans.  December meeting will be a party atmosphere.  Bring foods, and drinks, (plates, eating utensils and cups are provided) bring your challenge pieces to show off if you have participated and come prepared to make ornaments.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't! 

Demo:  Maggie Westall gave a demo on how to begin to put together a fairy.  She provided examples, in process and finished fairies.  She gave instruction and direction and there was a lot of laughter and creativity happening.  It was a great turn out and there were great fairies in the process!  Legs, arms, bodies, heads, assorted pieces all over the place!  Fun!

Attendees:  Lynn, Kathy, Linda, Maggie, Virginia, Marsha, Nancy, Cheryl, Laurie and her Mom

Saturday, August 20, 2016

August meeting

Wow this month has flown by. QCC meeting next Saturday (the 27th). I'm excited to be presenting the demo part 1 of featherhead faries. Bring any of the following list you have but don't run out and buy them because I will have enough to share. Sculpy living doll clay, Fun wire brand wire, feather boa, wings, super glue, fabric/ribbon for clothes, fabritac glue, sewing needle and thread, needle tool, sculpting tools, knitting needles, exacto blade plus your regular clay kit. As you can see it is an unusual list. LMK if you are going to participate so I can bring enough for everyone. Hope to see y'all there. Maggie

Saturday, July 30, 2016

July Meet Up

Business:  Dues are due.  Many paid the year's dues to Jennie.  Dues are again $15 for the year.  Challenge was reviewed.  There is a challenge to use pics or colors related to some pics chosen earlier or to just challenge yourself to do something that you don't normally do with a piece.  It was decided to extend the deadline to the December meet up where everyone can show off what they made.  Since the Dec meeting is usually a party atmosphere, that works.  Dec meeting will be held the 2nd Sat of the month of Dec since Blue Ridge normally does not have a meeting in Dec.  Blue Ridge is invited to come join us.  Bring treats and possibly supplies in case we work on the ornaments that sometimes happen! 

Next month, August and also September will be a fairy session.  Maggie has graciously taken on the task to spend time with all and direct us to a tiny fairy.  We are expecting that it will take a two meeting session to get your fairy completed, dressed and winged.  Less time if your familiar with the face sculpting perhaps, and molds will be available for the face should you not want to even go there.  Some of us are gluttons for learning and getting it done free hand, so that takes a bit longer!  Supply list will come later.  Maggie is already working on getting these lessons together.  Thanks Maggie for your wanting to share with us all.

Lesson/Demo:  Transfers by Pattie. We were all supplied transfers to work with and we had an excellent demo on how to use these transfers and we all set off running.  Beautiful things happened!  Hopefully next meeting everyone will bring their pieces finished for us to ohhhh and awwwww over!
Thank you for Pattie for giving us an excellent lesson and supplying us all with several transfers so we could practice, practice, practice. 

Attendee:  Cheryl, Maggie, Lynne, Laurie, Nancy, Jennie, Christine, Pattie, Marsha and a newbee Virginia. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July Meeting

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder our meeting is this Saturday. Pattie' has graciously aggreed to Demo Transfers. Thank you

Here is the Supply List:
- Regular Tool Kit
-Burnishing Tool or small door knob
-Parchment paper with LASER transfers (inkjet do not work)
 ( I will be bringing plenty, but if you have something specific you want to make, bring
   your own.)
-Pearl, white or translucent clay for color transfers
 Skinner blends or colored clay for B&W transfers
-A tile
-Curved forms for shaping your piece

Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 25th

Meeting opened and business discussed.  Our dues are now due for this coming year.  $15 for the year.  Get your dues to Jennie.  Checks aren't a good choice so cash is preferred if possible.  It makes it easier to add to the growing account. 

Jennie has a date in November that she is having things offered up for sale somewhere.  She can be contacted for more info.  This is a great time to participate as a group effort.  Next meeting Pattie will be demonstrating transfers.

Apologies to all from Nancy.  I was recovering from dental surgery and just wasn't with it.  I would not call what I presented as a "demo".  It was more of a this is done, sort of how you do it.  I could do better and will if needed.  I just wasn't really in there!  Sorry about that.  I thought I'd be over it.  Left early and hit the bed.  Thank you for being understanding.  Love all of you.

Good tidings came from the Ashville retreat participants and apparently it was a blast.  Looking forward to another creative and productive year and considering the challenges that have been offered up earlier this year.  You haven't forgotten them have you?  Anyone have things in progress already?  If you need a reminder, contact Cheryl as there were pics of colors and textures to think about and ideas.


Cheryl, Lynn, Jennie, Maggie, Linda, Brian and Nancy (sort of......)

Friday, June 3, 2016

June 25th meeting:
Early reminder since we skipped a month.  June is a time to learn polymer embroidery.  Bring your usual tools and supplies.  Nancy will be showing/demonstrating some different techniques with tiny pieces of clay.  You will need to bring the following.  Small pieces of different colors of clay that will make a pleasing palette for your piece.  A needle to manipulate your clay with.  A base color that pleases your eye.  I prefer to coordinate my colors in advance so you may wish to do the same.  We'll practice practice practice and then perhaps put a full piece together.  I will bring some finished pieces that I've made and I expect we'll have a fun time.  See you there.