We meet the 4th Saturday of the month at 12 noon. Due to the Holiday we meet the second Saturday of December. We will post if a meeting is cancelled. Contact the guild for directions.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

It has been decided that due to so much illness in the area, there will be no meeting in the month of March.  April will be decided in April.  Stay well and enjoy your time off with lots of creativitity.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

February 2020

Business:  No meeting in May.  Mark your calendars…no meeting in May.  Voting took place for the positions of Vice President, Demo Coordinator, Treasurer and Secretary.  Pattie is the new VP, Laurie is the Demo Coordinator, Cheryl is the Treasurer and Nancy is the Secretary. 

Donna Kato’s class has been organized and if you are wanting to take this class you should immediately get with Cheryl or Laurie and get your registration turned in and half of your tuition paid now and the other half by May 1.  As of the first week of Feb the class will be offered to Blue Ridge and realize that the seating is limited.  Total of 20 students for this class.  It is already about half full so hop on it quickly if you want this class.

There is discussion regarding a course to be offered next year and Bonnie Bischoff has consented to be available next year for us. 

We are still at the moment, up in the air, regarding a place to hold our meetings.  Next month we will be meeting at the same place we met in Feb.  Each month will be updated as to where our meeting will be held at present.  We are hoping to find a meeting place that is a minimal cost; preferably free, as our budget is not high.  If you know of somewhere that is available please contact Sally or Laurie immediately with details.

Demo:  Today Pattie was very kind and led us through a technique that is used by Carol Blackburn to make up extraordinary canes with lots of colors and designs.  Thank you so much Pattie for taking the time to show us all this technique.  I expect we will be sporting some new jewelry with this technique very soon!

Attendees:  Nancy, Brian, Linda, Cheryl, Sally, Laurie, Christine, Kathy, Cindy, and Pattie

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Jan 2020

Oops!  Demo:  Demo: Myrna gave us a fantastic demo and made a pin and earrings with her scrap booking method using clay and then gave us fantastic tips for using old canes to make up some new ones. Thank you Myrna for all your help.

Sorry to have left this out.

January 2020


Business:  Three positions are up for voting.  Treasurer (Cheryl is now and is willing to continue), Secretary (Nancy is now and is willing to continue) and Vice President (Sally and Linda will check with Laurie to see if she desires to continue in this position).  It is necessary to have a percentage of members present to get through the voting process.  Meeting today did not have the percentage needed.  That leaves February for our voting on these positions.  If you are unable to make the February meeting, please get with Sally and give your proxy vote so we can establish these positions early in the year. 

As of right now it appears that April is open for someone to demo.  Remember April is also the month that the date for our meeting will be different because of the retreat for Blue Ridge.  If you have a desire to demo for this month, please get with Laurie.

Sally is putting together a survey and it will be an anonymous survey.  Everyone needs to answer the questions honestly on likes and dislikes of our meeting processes at present.  Again, this will be anonymous and there is nothing to dread by being honest.

Donna Kato has affirmed that she will demo for us in June.  We are looking for a room that can be had for large enough for 20 individuals to set up and work for two days.  The cost of the class will be $250.00 and if you plan to take this course; let Sally know immediately.  She must be notified by Feb 7th,  in order to acquire your position for this class.  After the 7th of February the class is open to others besides our membership, and spots will probably be snapped up quickly.  We are planning for her to do a class on the chain with the pieces that are carved.  If you are signed up for the class a 50% holding fee is required to be given to Cheryl by Mar 1st.  For outsiders that date is 50% by May 1st.  

Attendees:  Cheryl, Mindy, Nancy, Myrna, Bridget, Kathy, Sally and Linda.


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October 2019 Meet Up

Business was simple; two instructors are available for classes for 2019.  One is Donna Kato and her class would involve carving to a degree on beads.  The second one is Debbie Jackson and it was decided that her offerings were meager since most of us are not beginners and we would desire a more intricate lessons to choose from.  Laurie is contacting Debbie to see if there are other options for her classes.  A quick vote showed there was a lot of interest in the Donna Kato class however her schedule is limited and that leaves us up in the air for both instructors that are available.  More to come when Laurie has it and we’ll probably take a vote via email since we do not meet again until Dec.  There is interest in both instructors and we need to narrow down dates and class choice.

Also make note that if your planning your calendars ahead, as many of us do, for the upcoming year, there are two changes in meeting dates.  April’s meeting will be on April 18th since there is a retreat scheduled for the usual date we meet up and also September will be on the 19th rather than the usual date.  Make note of this as we don’t want anyone not to be aware of the date changes.  The rest of the year is scheduled the 4th weekend of each month as before.

Class was given by Julie Eakes on making your pieces look ceramic like with alcohol inks, chalks, various methods to use.  Instruction was given on many of these and there are so many options!  Thank you Julie for showing us this technique.  I’m looking forward to seeing all these new pieces we are creating. 

Attendees:  Nancy, Brian, Christine, Myra, Bridget, Michelle, Laurie, Cheryl, Kathy, Julie and Pattie.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Aug 2019

Business:  Discussion on workshop in 2021.  Place, Time of Year, Feb, Mar, Apr and Pattie and Laurie are in charge of this.  Debbie Jackson’s name came up and Jeff Deaver.  JEFF DEAVER!!!  OMG!  Currently looking for volunteers for 2020 years demo’s.  Contact Laurie.  Welcome to our most recent member of the Guild; Myrna.

Sept is a Bridget Demo on extruder

Oct is July or Michelle – not certain which yet

Nov is Thanksgiving so no meet up.  Enjoy your Turkey!

Dec 14th is the Christmas Party

Pattie gave a wonderful demo on making an unusual veneer and putting it on a bowl.  Wonderful demo and everyone was excited to start their own bowl.  I saw that Myrna had gotten one completed.  Thanks Pattie for showing us all the important steps to this fantastic veneer and bowl.

Attendees:  Kathy, Sally, Myrna, Ivone, Linda, Laurie, Nancy, and Brian

Monday, August 5, 2019

July 2019

Business:  Pattie will be doing the demo for August.  Julie swapped out to demo in October since she is away in August. 

Robin gave a fantastic demo on how to make an extraordinary flower that can be used as a broach or necklace.  Excellent class, thank you Robin.

Attendees:  Linda, Laurie, Nancy, Brian, Pattie, Bridget, Diane, Robin, Kathy, Cheryl