We meet the 4th Saturday of the month at 12 noon. Due to the Holiday we meet the second Saturday of December. We will post if a meeting is cancelled. Contact the guild for directions.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

December Merry Christmas Meet-Up

Due to some varying issues, the location of our meeting/party was moved to a new location so we could include Bridget, who had planned to come to our meet up.  So, that said, everyone seems to be well and moving forward towards the new year. Laurie had taken Dean into the ER and before the meeting was over; they had arrived back and Dean was ok.

Business:  A short but sweet meeting happened where issues of a new location for our next meeting to be held were offered up.  I won't say yet that it is a permanent location, as Linda tells me we are trying this new location out to see if it's a fit.  New location is Earth Fare Store located on 12235 N Community House Road, Charlotte, NC 28277.  After January's meeting perhaps we will know more regarding future meetings. 

If you were not at the previous meeting in Oct., there was a vote for a new President for the guild.  A two party Presidency is happening for the next (probably two year span) and these individuals are Linda Simon and Sally Wright.  As of January 2019 they will coordinate and cover the meetings with our group. 

Remember that as of Dec 15th your payment for the Maureen Carlson class needs to be in Cheryl's hands.  This is #1 the go ahead for others to be able to sign on for the class if they desire, and #2 we do have a minimum required for this meeting.  We of course are looking for the minimum PLUS and if needed, a location that Laurie has secured, could be where we have this class.  It isn't that far away and we have just a few more days to make that payment, set our names onto the list.  No procastinators!! Class is in February.

Nice gathering for the Christmas goodies and a viewing of Laurie's new studio.  Happy Holidays everyone.  Those not there....we MISSED you! 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

August Meet-up

Business discussed was specifics and desires for Maureen Carlson class.  Remember that the next meeting has been changed to accommodate Cheryl's trip away and will be held on Sept 15th.
Cheryl presented for today's meeting.  She gave an extraordinary class on Carol Blackstock's spiral earrings.  Excellent class.  If you missed it, you miss out!!!

Present:  Cheryl, Maggie, Laurie, Nancy, Brian, and Marcia.

Monday, July 9, 2018

July Meeting

The July meeting has been exchanged for a two day class with Julie Eakes.  No regular meeting for July.  If you have paid for your class, we will see you there on the 28th and 29th.  Supply list to come soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jun 23, 2018

Business discussion regarding Julie's upcoming class in July; how many people are expected to attend, two day class being held for members and BRPCG also have invites.  July, Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th.   Cheryl had been volunteered to look into lunch being brought in or picked up for these two days so bring cash for your lunches.

Discussion regarding who is doing demos in the next couple months and what they are planning to demo.  Some are still up in the air.  Julie is of course in July.

Many individuals paid their $15 dues for the year and also many paid the fee for the upcoming Julie class. 

Discussion regarding Maureen Carlson coming to do a demo for a two day period.  Laurie will give us an update on the price of a class with her.  It looks like it would be in Feb or March of 2019 so begin saving up.  I think you can expect it to be around $300 class.  Save UP, as you really won't want to miss this one!  Maureen is known for her fantasy figures, trolls, santas, walking sticks, mug dwellers and all kinds of great sculpting.  She has not been in our area for the past 5 years or more; everyone will want to attend this.  Also, let it be mentioned here that Maureen kindly said she was willing to stay with someone and Marsha immediately stood up and said she'd like to be the first to have her come to her home. 

Laurie gave a fabulous demo on Donna Kato's  rock pendants.  She gave excellent direction and literally showed us how to make at least two beads.  Awesome class. 

 Attendees:  Laurie, Cheryl, Sally, Sarah, Marsha, Linda, Nancy, Brian, Maggie, and Kathleen.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

May Meet-Up

Business:  Dues are due and payable Jun 2018.  Dues are $15 for the year.  New forms will be handed out to each member.  Even if your info has stayed the same, please fill out the form for Nancy so she can update the info on our group for the new year.

More info to come on Julie's class very soon.  If you know you are going to attend her class for certain, please give Laurie a note saying that so she can get an estimated count for the day.  We may or may not have space for others besides our own group. 

Cheryl is having some well earned vacation time on the week we normally meet up in Sept.  The date of this meeting has been changed to Sept 15th to accommodate this.

It was decided that for future meetings that require an entire day of class, we should bring funds to order a lunch out somewhere and have it brought in rather than carry in foods.  That will also eliminate allergies happening for individuals that may have an issue.

June's meeting Laurie will be showing us a Donna Kato technique.  Supply list to come later.

Nancy did a demo on Fiona Abel Smith's moonlighted painting with polymer.  There was much creativity and beautiful pieces to be shown off.  If you missed this demo you are in luck as Fiona has her demo on you tube.  She was so pleased to know that it was being shared with you and you enjoyed learning her technique.  Fiona is a very talented artist.  She loves to see your pieces too, should you photo your piece, pass it on.

Attendees:  Cheryl, Sally, Maggie, Brian, Nancy, Kathy, Linda, Marsha, Julie and Teresa. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

April Meet Up

No business discussed.

Sarah gave a demo for photographing our works.  She gave us tips and techniques that have worked for her and showed us exactly how she went about getting the best photos of her works.  Great demo and it was loved by all.  Thanks Sarah.

Attendees:  Cheryl, Nancy, Sally, Christine, Pattie, Brian, Laurie, Maggie, Kathleen, Sarah and Linda

Saturday, March 24, 2018

March 24, 2018

Business items were that June is the month dues are to be collected once again.  Julie is holding a two day class for us in July and we will be expected to let Laurie know for certain who plans to attend and have a down payment ready for the April meeting.  This will allow us to know the number planning to attend and give us reference as to how many seats we have.  More info on the class, the price etc. to come soon. 

Thanks to Michelle for presenting us with a fabulous demo on little dishes made from clay canes, scraps, textured sheets etc.  She baked a good portion of her shown bowls using a Wilton pan.  She also had a clever little stamp for her initials that she got from "Clay stamp.com".  The demo was very full of information and we all enjoyed it.  It was a fun class.   Bowls in process.......................

Attendees:  Laurie, Pattie, Marcia, Linda, Sally, Julie, Kathleen, Maggie, Brian, Cheryl, Nancy, Michelle and we had a new visitor to the group by the name of Julie.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Feb 25th Meet Up

Business:  The 2017 list of members was distributed via excel file.  Two files also went out showing you what Lynn Ann has plans to be teaching.  Her schedule is free so far.  Look over these lessons and see if you have any interest in anything she is teaching.  One way or the other, please let Laurie know if you have an interest or you do not.  If there is someone else out there that has caught your eye and you would like to learn from them it doesn't hurt to put it out there so when the time comes, we know whom you want.

Laurie said she would like to have the years demos filled in by the next meeting.  So far it looks like she had hit the mark. 

Maggie has an issue with her eyes and it is quite painful.  She could use some healing thoughts.

Next Meeting Michelle will demo how to make her cute little flower bowls.  This should be an awesome class.

Julie has picked a month to do a two day class with us and she will let us know more soon.

Demo Today by Christine.  She showed us how to put together a extruded cane bracelet.  She also shared her knowledge of tools that she uses.  She shared findings and guided us all.  She showed us some of the items that she has made with her scrap extrusions as well.  Really a great lesson with lots of tips and techniques.  Thanks Christine.  Brian took a video of it so Maggie will get to see it too. Thanks Brian.

Attendees:  Christine, Kathy, Brian, Nancy, Laurie, Pattie, Cheryl, Julie, Sally, Sarah, Michelle and Kathleen