We meet the 4th Saturday of the month at 12 noon. Due to the Holiday we meet the second Saturday of December. We will post if a meeting is cancelled. Contact the guild for directions.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jun 23, 2018

Business discussion regarding Julie's upcoming class in July; how many people are expected to attend, two day class being held for members and BRPCG also have invites.  July, Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th.   Cheryl had been volunteered to look into lunch being brought in or picked up for these two days so bring cash for your lunches.

Discussion regarding who is doing demos in the next couple months and what they are planning to demo.  Some are still up in the air.  Julie is of course in July.

Many individuals paid their $15 dues for the year and also many paid the fee for the upcoming Julie class. 

Discussion regarding Maureen Carlson coming to do a demo for a two day period.  Laurie will give us an update on the price of a class with her.  It looks like it would be in Feb or March of 2019 so begin saving up.  I think you can expect it to be around $300 class.  Save UP, as you really won't want to miss this one!  Maureen is known for her fantasy figures, trolls, santas, walking sticks, mug dwellers and all kinds of great sculpting.  She has not been in our area for the past 5 years or more; everyone will want to attend this.  Also, let it be mentioned here that Maureen kindly said she was willing to stay with someone and Marsha immediately stood up and said she'd like to be the first to have her come to her home. 

Laurie gave a fabulous demo on Donna Kato's  rock pendants.  She gave excellent direction and literally showed us how to make at least two beads.  Awesome class. 

 Attendees:  Laurie, Cheryl, Sally, Sarah, Marsha, Linda, Nancy, Brian, Maggie, and Kathleen.