We meet the 4th Saturday of the month at 12 noon. Due to the Holiday we meet the second Saturday of December. We will post if a meeting is cancelled. Contact the guild for directions.

Monday, May 29, 2017

May Meet Up

Business:  Dues are still being collected for this year.  If you have not gotten your dues paid to Cheryl, please put that on your list. The member list is being updated and if you have not supplied your name, address, email and phone, please contact Nancy and do that so the list can be updated and complete.  Thanks

Next meet up is in June and Maggie will be demo-ing how to make a tile bracelet from the canes you created at the May meet up.  If you missed the May meet up come with a cane, any cane that is rectangular and you can get at least seven slices off of it for your tiles. All is not lost if you were not able to attend.  Print outs of the directions for this cane are available upon request. 
July meeting is going to be wire wrapping.  Linda will demo for us.  More details to come later.

Demo today was done by Nancy using Judy Belcher's lesson on Tessellations.  Everyone seemed to understand the concept of the jelly roll cane and the skinner blend plug.  That made our efforts easier.  Everyone dove in and we took it at a pace that all seemed to be able to keep up with.  The components were made, the placements were shown (randomly) and the cane ends were used to reduce our canes.  Once we had a good four inch cane (and some were way more generous with their efforts and had a great deal of cane to play with) we began the magic of cutting and placing and reducing and creating designs.  What fabulous colors came about and the class attendees did a fabulous job!  Pics did not come of all the canes and some were made after the pics got snapped but this group dove in and made absolutely lovely designs. 
It was amazing to see the fantastic canes that happened.  I think these individuals have learned the technique for this method and could produce another set of canes if they so desired.  Very proud of you all for taking on this beautiful process.  Every single individual left with a variety of canes with coordinating colors.  FABULOUS!  Seriously I was so proud of you all taking on this task and sliding right on to the end with very little effort and big results.

Attendees:  Maggie, Cheryl, Michele, Sally, Brian, Linda, Kathy, Kathleen, Laurie and Nancy.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Supply List for your Tessellations Cane

1 full 4 oz package of white and the color you want to be your main skinner plug.  Go with a bold dark color.  Dk Blue, Dk Purple, Dk Brown, something that will give you a nice skinner plug with a variance of color.

Also need: 
Black 1- 4 oz pkg
Another White 1 - 4 oz pkg
Gold  2 oz
Green 2 oz

This should give you the basics for your cane.  If you desire another color then add it as well.  I try to go with the main color for the blend and almost always use the black & white and gold and green as it adds enough colors to make your cane pop.  Bring enough clay for you to use the full 8 oz for your plug as this may very well be the BEST CANE you'll ever create!  You want enough to have extra!  So your plug is going to use 1 full 4 oz of color and 1 full 4 oz of white to get your basic blend. 

Bring your usual tools etc to play.