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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 24 Meeting

At the next meeting on January 24, we will be making Translucent Overlay Beads.
Using Donna Kato's Translucent Skinner Blend Striped Canes as shown
in her new book " The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques". We
will make a Translucent Dot Cane, Translucent/White Jellyroll Cane,
Mokume Gane Translucent/Foil Cane, and Colored Translucent Skinner
Blend/Stripped Cane. These canes are needed to make Translucent
Overlay Beads.

Supply List includes:
*6 -7 packs of Conditioned translucent clay (DO NOT combine packs,
keep each pack separate after conditioning)
*Make 4 different Translucent colors. Mix 1 pack of already
conditioned translucent clay to a small amount of colored clay.
(i.e.. Translucent green, or translucent blue)
*1-2 packs of Conditioned White clay
*1 pack of Conditioned Black clay
*Foil i.e JonesTones ( I will be bring mine if you don't have any
*Basic Polymer Clay kit (i.e. roller, table mat, cutting blade,
pasta machine, knitting needle to smooth cane, & Polyester Batting to
bake bead on)
It will take a little time to make the Translucent Skinner
Blend/Stripped Canes, so please have your Clay Conditioned prior to
the meeting.
If you have any questions, just let me know. Well I look forward to
seeing you all, and hearing about your Holiday. Our meeting place has
downsized, so please let us know if your are coming on the 24th.
Claying away,

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