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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi Y'all,

Our February 27th QCC meeting was small but full of fun. There were 3 of us, Maggie, Cheryl and Kathy. We first drove to the new meeting place to check it out. It is a nice facility and will be great for guild meetings. Since there were just the three of us and Cheryl offered to serve us carrot cake (yum) we followed her to her house.
While eating our bag lunches and setting up we had a short guild business meeting.
In a previous meeting it was discussed the need to take the next step for the guild and start a treasury to cover expenses like a guild oven, library, etc. It was agreed that members would pay $2.00 each, starting at the next meeting (March 20th). We also agreed that new people would not have to pay for the first 2 meetings they attend. They would be expected to pay at the 3rd meeting and could be considered members eligible for benefits. Library privileges will be discussed at a later time. (When we actually have a library;))
The first installment of Fimo products, generously sent to us by the Staedtler Company, was given out (member benefit). It was suggested we come up with a project using just Fimo. That is still in the works.

Then it was time to try our hands at the Sutton slice using Lisa Pavelka's new book as a guide. It's a little trickier than it looks.
But we had lots of fun trying and did end up with some nice results.
When we took a break Cheryl served us the promised carrot cake and it was very yummy.
Thanks to Cheryl and her husband for being such great hosts.

Challenge: In the December 2009 National Geographic are pictures of pollen grains They are just amazing. Try to copy them in pc. If you can't find the pictures let us know.

Our next meeting will be at the new meeting place on the 20th(contact us for directions - queencityclayers.blogspot.com) .
We will be doing the silk screen technique. Check prior posts for the supply list.

Submitted by Maggie,
March 11, 2010

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