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Monday, August 22, 2011

Report on Julie's cane workshop

Hi Y'all,

Well, time's fun when your having flies - er - I mean time flies when you are having fun.
The cane workshop on July 23 and 24 with Julie Eakes was a wonderful blur. Cheryl, Linda, Kathy, Bridget, Pat, Sharon, Teresa and I were lucky enough to attend. Besides being a the queen of face canes and a great teacher Julie has a wicked (good thing) sense of humour. So there was never a dull moment. She and some of the other characters there (you know who you are) would occasionally erupt into song or joke telling. Julie even renamed me sister Mary Margaret. Maybe it was because I kept calling her Teeeacherrr. In spite of all the fun and a white clay shortage that forced us to make only a 2 pound cane instead of a 4 pound one we left with some good looking canes, if I do say so myself. Thanks to Julie's generosity we also left with a cd and templates so we won't forget how we did it. I now have a much greater appreciation of all the work that goes into Julie's canes. THANK YOU Julie! We had a great time and learned somthing too.
Thanks to Cheryl and her husband all their hard work for the meeting place and lunch arrangements.

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