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Monday, May 8, 2017

Supply List for your Tessellations Cane

1 full 4 oz package of white and the color you want to be your main skinner plug.  Go with a bold dark color.  Dk Blue, Dk Purple, Dk Brown, something that will give you a nice skinner plug with a variance of color.

Also need: 
Black 1- 4 oz pkg
Another White 1 - 4 oz pkg
Gold  2 oz
Green 2 oz

This should give you the basics for your cane.  If you desire another color then add it as well.  I try to go with the main color for the blend and almost always use the black & white and gold and green as it adds enough colors to make your cane pop.  Bring enough clay for you to use the full 8 oz for your plug as this may very well be the BEST CANE you'll ever create!  You want enough to have extra!  So your plug is going to use 1 full 4 oz of color and 1 full 4 oz of white to get your basic blend. 

Bring your usual tools etc to play.

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